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Bio of Romina Maluf
Romina Maluf was born in Posadas, state of Misiones, Argentina.
Daughter of Argentine parents, she is the granddaughter of Lebanese.

Since she was a little girl, she liked dancing. She started
practicing classic ballet, spanish style,
traditional and stylish tango, and
caribean salsa with teachers from
Panama and Colombia.

In 1996 she took part of the
Inmigrant National Fest as
The Queen of the Arabian
Collectivity. From that moment,
she developed a strong interest for
Oriental Dance
and began to take
classes with well known masters, such as
Amir Thaleb
and Saida, who became her
referents. In addition to this, she took private
lessons in Egypt with the great master
Mahmoud Reda
and with Lubna Eman, and
she took classes in Libia with Fahed Abdala
and in Caracalla Dance Academy.

She participated in different runway fashion
shows and commercials. She was also elected
as National Queen of the Inmigrant and
National Queen of Cultures. Moreover, she
was final contestant for Misiones in Gente
Magazine and Jhon L Cook contest.


Not only she had experience being a professional model, but also
she had graduated as a Gym Teacher in 1999.

In 2001 she opened the first school for Middle Easter Oriental
in her home city, Posadas, in the state of Misiones,
Argentina. This school turned out to be the most important in the
northeast of Argentina, receiving students from different states,
far away cities and foreing countries, such as Brazil and Paraguay.

She has been invited as International teacher and she has
examined many students from other academies, as well as being
jury in many contests.

As a result, she started travelling all over the country and she
kept participating in the best latin american events as a teacher
and bellydancer
. It is worth mentioning Mario Kirlis Tour
, Arabian Nights, in which she participated as a dancer all
over Peru in 2008.


Nowadays, she is the organizer of one of the most
important and big events of Oriental Dance in Argentina
called International BellyNEA, the Arabian Dance
International Encounter of the Argentinian Northeast,
which will be holding its 9th edition in 2013.

The best international teachers attend to this
event which provides them with several
workshops, festivals and the contest
Miss Argentine Bellydance
Bellydance International Dancer
The festival usually takes place on
the second weekend of May.

Romina is also the creator of Luces de
(Arabic Light's), a magazine about
dancing and middle eastern culture;
and the T.V. Show sharing the same title.

Undoubtly, she stands out for her unique
coming from her Latin blood,
ballet formation, charisma and her passion
for dancing elements.

From Misiones, Argentina;
the State of Iguazu Falls,
one of the 7 Natural Wonders
of the World,
here we had presented to you
this bellydance teacher and dancer:
Romina Maluf.


Translated into English by Mabel Pan


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